Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Our attitude towards the world around us depends upon what we are ourselves. If we are selfish, we will be suspicous of others. If we are of a generous nature, we will be likely to be more trustful. If we are honest with ourselves, we won't always be anticipating deceit in others. In a sense, looking at the people around you is like looking in a mirror. You see a reflection on yourself.
Secret of a happy life - an attitude of unselfishness. But many can tell you that you will be taken advantage of if you begin to live for others but i strongly believed in "you lose few but gain many". There's nothing perfect on earth. You choose who you are!


pak lim said...

weii... more detail laa... who are you referring to ??

pak lim said...

your all for 'all for one, one for all' is very interesting

i like the most on 'how to make things easier' and your answer is 'sucess not always come in hard way'

keep up the motivation !!

juz a human said...

i refer to nobody. juz a very honest point of view to improve ourself.