Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Finding our loved ones will be one of the most interesting chapter of our life. I believed each and everyone of us will have an interesting experienced to share, be it happy or sad. Some believed that finding our loved ones is fated and if he or she comes, then let it be. But i believe we will not know the future , so when opportunity knocks , let's grab it. Who is not looking for the best husband or wife?

I've had asked quite a number of guys what type of girls do they attracted to and vice versa . The answer is almost the same across the country or the world no matter what race, language or cultural background you are .

To really get your partner, first ,we have to understand what 'arouse' the guy or a girl. To go into this, we have to know our 5 senses. The 5 senses are see , smell , hear , taste and touch. So, i go with the ladies first. Girls are usually aroused the most with hearing and touching senses followed by smell, see and lastly taste. Why do i said that. Just look at romantic movies. The most touching part of the movie for a woman is when a guy knell down before her girlfriend and propose to her while holding her hand with a ring and saying the most romantic words, and all the girls will be like , Wow! this is how i want my boyfriend to propose to me next time! So, what do the guy in the movie do, that is to arouse her hearing and touch senses which is most sensitive in a woman. Most women , i can bet with you ,will usually look for a guy who have a very good sense of humour or those who can speak out the most caring words. If you have both of them , then you are a 'woman killer' , boy ! That's why a girl will always like to hear her boyfriend says "I Love You". Now we go to the touch sense. When a girl is in love with a guy, she expect him to hold her hands and hug her often. You see, when you teased girls, and they laugh, they will usually pat at your shoulder. It just show their touching senses is strong. Let's look at the negative side. If you try to touch a girl that didn't quite like you, be careful because she'll label you an 'opportunist' and you'll get 'blacklisted'. Your chances of getting this girl is almost equivalent to seeing a dinosaur alive today. If she likes you, then some form of touching is a sign that she quite like you as a friend or she have given you the green light to pursue her.(having said this, i would advise guy not to make the first move of any touching and you have to test the water first, eg. if you invite her to dance and she accept, then it shows both of you have gone to a comfortable level. If she doen't accept, then don't forced as she is not comfortable with you and you have to aroused her hearing senses first.

Then we go to smell. Girl usually like to put on perfume or received flower is because it'll arouse their smelling senses. For guys, please, if you have bad smelly odour in your body, hair or any part of the body , kindly deal with it when you are pursuing a girl because your success rate do depend on how you deal with their smell sense. Guys, you also can put on Cologne when dating a girl.

As for sight and taste senses, i do not need to go into it as i believe your success of wooing a girl does not heavily depends on how to aroused this senses. Guys, just wear decentlty and bring the girl to eat what she likes. Common sense will help you in this. If you can deal with a woman's hearing and touching senses, then you stand a big chance to get her. To aroused their smelling senses is a bonus to you. Whether a guy is fat or skinny, good looking or not is not a big factor for a woman who is looking for a husband as their sight sense is not so strong.

Ladies, as on how to get your man......................TO BE CONTINUED

The author will like to apologise for not being able to finish this article because currently is a football season and he did not do full time blogging. He will post the next part as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenieced caused

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