Sunday, June 29, 2008


Tonight will be a big night if you are living in Spain or Germany. Nevertheless it is an exciting day for football fans around the world. In this Euro 08, my favourite team will be Portugal, Holland and Spain. All three have been playing free flow and attacking game which fascinate me the most. Unfortunately Portugal and Holland have been knocked out too early in this competition. But i'm glad that Spain have make it to the final after all this long years of under achievement. Spanish league which are shown in our TV is the most exciting league i would say. I'm fascinated with their speed and individual skills which you only see in South American players. They play a lot of short passes. Now there is quite a number of them playing in England and it have definitely lifted the standard of English Premier League.

Fernando Torres will be my favourite player and it would be great if he score tonight. The sad thing is he play for Liverpool which i don't support. I'm predicting tonight will be highly skills against strategy. Germans is a team which are just average but are very good in planning their strategy. With right strategy, they can neutralised Spain's strength. But i believe Spain will go on and lift this Cup because the hunger for it is very much in their players heart. It's far too long a wait for a highly skills Spanish side and this will be a moment for all Spaniards and their fans all over the world including me.
P/S : Give me your prediction?

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