Wednesday, June 11, 2008


As for guys, out of the 5 senses that we have, sight is the strongest. That's why when guys see beautiful girls , head will turn. So, ladies, to attract the guy that you want, appearance and dressing is very important. It is vital for ladies to use make-up. This is not only useful in attracting a boyfriend but can be used for job interviews or in sales where you are dealing with a man. Ladies, sight is a very strong sense for male. It's been proven. Just look at most shampoo advertisement whereby you see a girl with beautiful long hair will just 'flip' the hair and the guy will watch in awesome. It doesn't matter if you are born pretty but it is very important to make up and dress yourself to look beautiful. Second most important sense for man is hearing. Now this is very different from woman hearing sense. What the guy look for in a woman is her voice. A girl who knows how to use her voice tone can get anything they want from a guy. Guys like to be pestered by girls eg a girl who wants a diamond ring will always use a soft tone like" errr!! Honeyyy, you never buys anything for me as gift, whyyy! i'm not important in your heart, is it? Hearing, i would say is man weakness and it also depend on how good is a woman persuasion skills. That's the reason why good male or female singers make a lot of money from singing because basically human from both sexes have a sensitive hearing sense.

Majority of man that i know, likes girl with long and beautiful hair with few in exception. Girls, please spend a little bit of money on your hair. That is why you see in muslim women they will cover up their hair which i believed a beautiful hair can 'seduce' a man. There are also girls which i know after a very heart broken break up will cut their hair to become short just as to show their hatred towards guys. This is just my view and i can't confirm how true it is. So, ladies your hair is an important weapon to attract your guy.

The rest of the senses like touch, smell and taste is not that important to attract your man. If you can deal especially with man's sight and hearing sense, then ladies you are on the way to get your prince.