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The Special One..... Jose Mourinho or Me? ALREADY POSTED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

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You need to know a little bit of English soccer to understand this article especially who is Jose Mourinho!

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This is a topic that interest me from sometimes ago. It makes me wanted to know more and i've done reading, talks to very open minded people from both sexes and what you read will be my years of 'researched' about Man and Woman. It amazed me to see how some man will go all the way to just find his woman. It even surprised me more to see as fellow humans we do not really understand each other.

To really go down to this subject, we need to understand the origin of man and woman. There are two theories that tells us where does human being come from. The first one will be 'evolution' which states that man evolved from apes. If you are the believer of this theory then i wish you goodnight and you need not keep on reading to save your time. With all respect, i do not believe in this theory and what i'm going to write is all based on the second theory. The theory that i believed in is that there is a God and it is He that created both man and woman. Please do not ask me ,then who created God? This is not my subject for today.

There is a certain group of people who believed that God created everything. He actually created man first to work on the ground. Man was created from the dust of the ground and God give him a breath of life and he became a living being. Then God thought that he is lonely and created animals to accompany him. This is why you see humans like to keep pets to accompany them because animals are created in the first place to be a humans companion. But this man was not really satisfied with animals and God says i will create another human being from his body to be his partner. Then God really created a fellow human from this man's rib and named her woman. When the man saw this woman, he was really happy that he finally found a perfect suitable companion. That is how she is call wo man which means wife of man. You see it, w.o stands for wife of. Woman actually came from man and it is how the word woman are formed. This is the reason why man from the very first day they are born they are actually looking for the woman who have one of their ribs to complete them. For this reason a man will leave his parents to be united with his wife and they will become one flesh. They are one flesh actually from the beginning. It explained why lovers loved sex because they are one. Lovers love to be united.

Now i need to explain about nature for you to understand something deeper. You see, in life there is a lot of changes and one thing that never change is nature. The sun will always rise from the east and set on the west. The earth will forever be turning 24 hours a day. The trees are there for a purpose and if been chop down too much then nature will go chaos. Look at tsunami and earthquake that struck. It sends a message that nature have been disturbed.

Same goes with man and woman. Like i explained, man is always looking for the missing rib in him that is in a woman somehere. That is why you see man will usually start the move to woo a woman because he is looking for something mising. Man is also the first to be created and he should be the head of the house. Disharmony will arise if the woman try to take over as No 1 because by nature this should not happen. This is when war will start (it's saving private ryan at home). You can see even in sex position that man like to be on top of woman and woman usually like to be in surrendered position. It shows sign of authority. This is not an ego but nature .

I believed uncurable disease like aids have exist because man are not created to have sex with animals, man with man or woman with woman. It clearly shows nature have been disturbed and disaster struck. Man exist to find his companion who have his missing rib and that is how it can complete him. You hear people say man will get matured when they got married because they have found their missing 'link'.

So, know that man and woman are actually one and man will always be looking for a companion to make him 'complete.' To all my fans "Happy Marriage"


When the book "man from mars,women from venus" was published it became an instant best seller. This topic have interests me and i believed so do millions of people out there. I've done my researched and will publish my 'thesis' later on.......

Friday, May 30, 2008


As i was writting this, i was a bit high in alcohol. Recently one of my friend commented that when a man is drunk , whatever he says is from the heart. I do agree to some degree with her. Today is the end of the month. As i'm in sales career, today bring forth a very happy day for those who hit their target and for those who did not, it brings hope that next month will be a better month. Sincerely speaking today is a happy day for me as i had a good time with my colleagues and one of us who did not hit target and get fired left and right from the boss few days ago commented that "I 'll be back next month", see how i'm going to perform. I admired his enthusiasm and his spirit of getting up again after being knock down hard, where at 48 hours ago i was asking...... "God, do he deserved this" kind of treatment from his boss?

Later on the day, i got a called from a very good friend of almost 20 years. He is the one out of two, among a group of friends whom i dared called a real brother . We know each other inside out and' bared' everything to each other, if you know what i mean. Of course as usual,we went out for beers and the last time we had beer is on the chinese new year where two of us chat until early next morning. We shared almost the same character, personality and also surname. He is a man i admired for his abilities to rebuild his life when it was shattered, really broken into pieces, and i really mean it. Not once but many times. He lost his father at a very young age and had to feed and fend for himself. When we was studying, he had to work till late at night to support his family. He had a special gift in numbers. He was a wizard, i would say, in math and accounting. Most of the time,when he reached school in the early morning, he'll fall asleep and will be scolded and punished by teachers..and i asked...." God, do he deserve this?"

After we left school,we went our separate ways. He took up an accounting course and due to his financial problem did not manage to finish the course. He set up his own tuition centre and things start to look good. Then he went a step further in setting up college. Later, problem started because he was not allowed to teach diploma course as he does not have a proper academic qualification . He went into financial problems and have told me at one times, his house electricity was cut off.(mind you,he is married and with 2 kids) His chinese new year ang pow is being dug out from his piggy bank in order to give it to her daughters or anyone who comes to his houes uninvited. Even at this most sad times, he never even called anyone to borrow money. Now he was forced to bring in partners to save his business and was left with lot of debts. Today he works almost 15 hours a day for 7 days to repay his debts. The amazing thing is when i was with him for hours he never complained more than 2 minutes about the fate of his life but just talk on how he wished to change the fate of her daugters so as not to go thru his path again. And all i could say is ....."God , do he deserved this?"

As a very good brother of mine, when he called me each time out, i'll try my very best to be with him as this is the only thing which i can offer him..... my ears.

Dear all, i believe each one of us had at some point of times shout out to our creator,...."God do i deserve this?"...and when that moment comes, please do remember this friend of mine. What he had gone thru in life is too long for me to write. I believe some of us do come across this type of friend and there are purpose why God brings both of you together - that is to remind you how good your life is and how God have given your so called 'unlucky friend' a special ability and strength to cope with life's most difficult moments .

Each one of us have special abilities, some can offer nice comfortable words, some can give good advices, some with good sense of humor, some born with a lovely smile, some with a caring heart........ all this is to make someone's life brighten up. It is for those who shout ....."God, do i deserved this?"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Special One.....Jose Mourinho or Me?

"The Special One" no dubbed was make popular by self proclaimed Jose Mourinho during a press conference in 2004 unveiling him as the new chelsea manager. That was a reference to his outstanding feats at his former club Porto who he led to two consecutive league titles (2002-2004) , UEFA cup in 2003 and a champions league trophy a year later. When he proclaimed he is the special one i have my doubt and waiting for the fall of this man. He give me an impression he is arrogant and all his previous achievement is a bit based on luck. He went on to proved himself by guiding chelsea to two Premier league titles, the F.A cup and two League Cups in just three seasons. I believed he is the most succesful chelsea manager we had ever seen. Sadly, he was replaced last season and it have taken off a bit of glamour from the English football.

Recently he said " I am not at all special. I think of myself as a great football manager, that's all. I see myself capable of adapting to difficult situations, rather than someone who is very intelligent". Jose is someone who i believed have a unique personality and the charisma to go with it. He is for certain a man of high confidence and have a sharp mind to know when, how and what to talk. Basically he is a leader with sharp instinct. A leader with sharp instinct means the ability to anticipate what is in another person mind and how this person is going to respond to that thought while this leader will use his convincing skill to change this mindset to his.

As a leader in an organisation, or with just a group of friends, i believed even with a group of friends you will have an 'unofficial' leader who can influenced everyone . To be in this position, you need to display a very high confidence character,and most of all a very sharp instinct. Every follower is looking at this traits in a leader before they can follow or else is a blind leading the blind. I think for a high confidence personality, most of us can see very clearly in many persons and if you were to meet a very sharp instict people, trust me, you will stand in awe and amazed. This type of people are very rare to be seen.

Instinct is just like a six sense. For a great years of my life i thought that people are born with this gift in them and lately i realised it can be mould just like your football skills. Of course, there are people who are born with this gift and if he did not practice it , it will fade. Just like some of us can play soccer very well and still cannot be like Steven Gerrard or Christiano Ronaldo who have the special skills in them naturally since they are born. Even how hard we trained, we will not be like them because we did not have the gift in us naturally. But we can still have good football skills.

Why you need to display high confidence level ? That is to have a very good convincing skills to change people mindset. You think fortune teller can know the future? If he can, he is already a damn rich person ,you know what i mean, right? He is basically using his convincing skills to change your mindset to his. A highly skill fortune teller is very decisive eg will tell you with a high confidence body language and voice tone that by this age, this thing will happen and later at this goes on and on. In short, he just want you to believe in what he have said. I've a friend of mine who went to a fortune teller and was told by him that she is going to marry this person with this surname by this age. She started to believed and in the end she got the person with the surname to be her husband. This is what i mean to be very decisive. A not so highly skill fortune teller will tell you your future might be like this or that and in the end you get confused and says he is not good after all. Instinct? (like i said is to anticipate what is in a person's mind). A fortune teller won't need that much because he already knew 9 out of 10 people who come to him is with problems. That's why a fortune teller will always asked you at the beginning, what you want to ask. It clearly show he doens't have much instinct. Or a better one will say, i think today you want to ask about financial or love problem and you go like wow! he's sharp. Ladies and gentleman, i can tell you, most of us when we go to fortune teller will only asked this two things.

Just look at Jose now. He was a nobody when he was an assistant coach in Barcelona. His break through came when he was appointed a manager in Porto. Having tasted success in a small club like Porto, his confidence grew tremendeously. So, when he came to Chelsea , the first move he made, is to annonced that he is the 'Special one' to lead this club to be a champion, because before him nobody manage to lead this club to be a champion despite all the players are big names. You see, he is trying to change the mindset of the players. All of them knew they are all good players, but how come we are not winning anything. So the problem must be in the coach. Jose straight away dictate this problem and deal with it. So he proclaimed he is the special one and will lead them to be a champion against all odds. He use his convincing skill to deal with the players doubt in their mind and set them right. His instinct already tell him it is not the players problem but just they haven't found a good coach - A coach with a sharp instinct. Look at him now. He said i'm not at all special and i think of myself just as a great football manager. I'm capable of adapting to difficult situations. Now he is at Inter Milan, he changes his strategy. I believe his instinct will tell him what strategies to use with Inter Milan players and use his convincing skill to change the players mindset. This is called adapting. This is truly a good manager.

So you can also be a Special One if you believed. Now that Jose Mourinho claimed he is not at all special, maybe it is you who are Special!